Can’t find the Perfect Women’s Romper Online in Australia? Try Style Struck!

There seems to be much confusion as to the difference between a jumper (often referred to as a jumpsuit), a women’s romper and a playsuit. Some use these terms interchangeably. Generally speaking, a jumpsuit involves long pants (although some may be Capri length). It also often has long sleeves.

In Australia, a women’s romper has short pants and usually includes short sleeves or straps. Many women use the terms romper and playsuit interchangeably. Most associate the term “playsuit” with youth or young.

Women’s rompers are the perfect outfit for summer parties and get-togethers in Australia. You can dress one up with accessories and heels and wear it to a club or more elegant party, or wear it with flats or sandals to a picnic or something far more casual. Dressed up or dressed down, the women’s romper should be a staple in any women’s warm weather wardrobe in Australia!

Here is Where to Get Your Jumpers, Rompers and Playsuits

Style Struck offers an extensive selection of jumpsuits, rompers and playsuits online. Our jumpsuits come in a wide variety of colours, styles and fabrics that make them the perfect fashion statement for any function, work or play. They come in sexy cuts with a low V-neck for a night on the town, or a more conservative look for work. You can choose one that falls right in the middle that is perfect for both!

Our selection of women’s rompers online offers various styles and looks for any occasion. From dressy to casual you will definitely find the right women’s romper for you!

The Versatile Women’s Romper in Australia

Many women have faced the uncertainty of a trip to the beach with friends where the entire plan for the day, and maybe night, is not entirely known when you get dressed. They group may end up stopping for a bite to eat on the way home. You may go bar-hopping to various beach bars after your day at the beach. Someone may suggest that there is a killer party in some swanky part of town and that “Everyone is going to be there!” That may even lead to some club-hopping that lasts until sun-up.

If faced with those possibilities, your first reaction is to pack a suitcase or overnight bag with a variety of outfits. No, you don’t need to do that! Instead just pick out one of our women’s rompers online and put it on over that cute bikini! You can wear casual sandals and just by adding a pair of killer heels and some jewellery from your bag, and you are ready for whatever the day or night brings! You will be comfortable and stylish, and all the guys will love - and the other women will hate - how low maintenance you are! The other women will either be struggling to get ready for each twist and turn in the adventure or complaining that you should change the agenda because they are not dressed for the next anticipated activity.

You, on the other hand, will just shrug your shoulders and thank your lucky stars for your source for women’s rompers in Australia, Style Struck Boutique.