Caring for and Storing Clothes and Choosing from Online Fashion Boutiques in Australia

You love your clothes – you’ve carefully selected each item and built a wardrobe that reflects your personal style of femininity and luxury. So, it’s essential to protect your investment and make sure that your wardrobe lasts as long as possible. A quality piece of clothing should last for years, especially if you care for it properly. Here’s how.

Cleaning Your Clothes

Perusing clothes websites in Australia is just the first step – once you’ve made your selections and received your items, you’ve got to keep them clean. However, you can’t simply toss many garments into the washing machine. Start by reading care labels and following the instructions on each item of clothing. Also, don’t underestimate the power of prevention. Keep your clothes as clean as you can; clothes with perspiration or food stains can attract moths or insects.

For clothes that need to be dry cleaned, choose a cleaner who has experience with quality fabrics and delicate clothes. For clothes you’re going to wash at home, be sure to separate light colours from dark colours to protect lighter coloured clothes. For clothes you need to iron, use steam; this helps you avoid creases and lines, especially on delicate materials such as a silk jersey.

Storing Your Clothes

When it’s time to store your off-season clothes, use a chemical desiccant to absorb moisture. Clean clothes before storing, particularly wool, silk, and cashmere garments. Then, store these items in transparent, airtight bags or other containers. Store leather and suede as well as fur in a cool, well-ventilated closet in muslin or malmal fabric. Roll linen garments before storing to avoid potential permanent creases, and store silk and knit jersey fabrics flat, so they don’t lose their shape hanging on hangers for extended periods of time. In general, the place where you store your clothes should be cool and dark, as light tends to cause garments to fade and attract insects.

Addressing Damage

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, clothes do become damaged in storage. For example, embroidery or tassels may pull on fabric, leading to fraying threads. A good solution is to cover the embellishment with plastic or tissue paper while the item is in storage. To address frayed threads, trim the pulled thread and iron the area with a steam iron to minimise the damage.

More Tips for Safe Clothes Storage

Keep in mind that moths may be attracted to the smell of perfume, so you should ensure that the clothes you are storing have not encountered your fragrance. You can also add cedar blocks, moth balls, or lavender or rosemary sachets to the storage area to repel moths.

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