Bronzing with Australia's best fake tan - BONDI SANDS

Its the best time of the year - SUMMER and even better... in AUSTRALIA! 

Its all about lounging by the pool with your BFF's, road trips to the beach, tan lines, late nights and festive foods. We have a little summer secret just for you to keep you looking like a glowing goddess!

You may have heard of it, but maybe haven't tried it yet? Its BONDI SANDS. Australia's leading tanning company. If you haven't been bronzed by Bondi Sands yet, your time has come! We are so excited to now be an offical stockist of this amazing brand.

Their collection ranges from tanning foams in light shades to ULTRA DARK - If your like me and like to look extra delicious! We also stock the Liquid Gold and Everyday Gradual tanning Foam to top up your existing tan or to use daily on your skin for just a little glow!

We have just released the most wanted, life changing product on the market in tanning - BONDI SANDS TAN ERASER.

The name says it all! No more long showers scrubbing at your delicate skin. Just a simple foam that washes your tan off oh so easy. 

All the Bondi Sands Australia products smell so amazing as well! (Yes you  know what I'm talking about).

If you want to give it a go, you won't be disappointed, I promise. Checkout our Bondi Sands products here:

Be sure to let us know how you go as well! xx